Why Us?

RiMaLi Inc. is changing the way people are living there lives. The world is looking for companies like RiMaLi Inc. to be of service to the world by creating on a global level.  Our focus is on supporting people who are interested in creating global programs that will produce a more unified world.

We are creating online  educational and therapeutic virtual programs that will have global effects. We as a human race need to understand that we are the power of ALL CREATIONS. We are simply unconscious of this power that controls every aspect of our existence. I ask you to think outside the box and begin viewing life as a field of ALL POSSIBILITIES in a world of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES.

Imagine that What We Think, We Must Become, What We See, We Will Be. This is possible because WE ARE THE WORLD DREAMING OF LOCAL EVENTS. This is because we are the power. This does not mean “we have the power.” No, WE ARE THE POWER! RiMaLi Inc. sole existence is to create programs on a global level that will assist people in understanding they are truly in control of their DESTINY.

This is why us…we are on a journey to a greater world…

Dr. Linda Richardson