The Game Called Life (TGCL) Program

Hello World,

The Game Called Life (TGCL) Program is about creating from a world of infinite possibilities. It is said that “we are the world dreaming of local events.” How true this is, we are a field of all possibilities within the world of infinite possibilities.  Unfortunately, we have not been playing a conscious “game called life.” I have self-published a book to assist you on this wonderful journey called life…yes, it is a wonderful journey. What is needed in this game called life is a greater understanding of WHO YOU ARE.

RiMaLi Inc. has created tools that will assist you in playing the most magnificent game called life that you could have ever imagined for yourself. Wow! I must say “it is an honor” to be delivering such unimaginable information to you. In this moment in our existence, I believe that we need to seek a greater understanding of the levels of consciousness that are narrating our lives in this game called life.  RiMaLi Inc. was created for the sole purpose of assisting you on your journey of discovering a GREATER YOU. Again, it is an honor to be the one delivering such information. Are you ready to play a greater game called life?

Please, you can either go to to engage in the program or you can go to where you can explore at your leisure.


Dr. Linda Richardson