School Of First Thought

School of First Thought (SOFT) mission is to assist you in creating different effects by changing the causes in your life. Because we are the world dreaming of local events, we must become conscious of our causes which are producing the effects (events) in our lives. SOFT objective is to take your desires and imbue them with LOVE, FAITH, IMAGINATION, CONCENTRATION, and VISUALIZATION. It is SOFT objective to assist you in your journey of manifesting your desires.


Create Your Day… Create Your Life…

We are born to create… We must understand the power of our creative intelligence. We are not simply here to just exist but to make existence possible based on the power of our thoughts. What you create now determines your tomorrow. Determines how you will play this wonderful game called life. I say seek within School of First Thought to secure the tools/knowledge that is needed to understand just how to play this game called life. Come join me in creating your tomorrow.