Play Of Consciousness

Play of Consciousness is a new form of activities which was initially created to help veterans returning home from conflicts. It is designed to rethink and recreate the physical, psychological, and emotional body by playing with your consciousness, your state of mind. The goal is to get control of your consciousness and begin constructively structuring your life and our world according to the way we really desire it to be.


This is done by being conscious of our thoughts, our patterns of information and energy. Based on our energy patterns (our thoughts) if, it is not conducive to what we want then we simply change the patterns to something more appropriate. We do this by seeking a greater understanding in the power that resides within us. We do this by actually realizing that everything that is happening is happening based on our consciousness, our state of mind in our every day existence.


We will need new thoughts, ideas and concepts, new patterns of information and energy which can only happen by changing the way we see our world. We need to develop therapeutic and educational programs that are designed to teach ourselves constructive thinking. This new form of therapy, this “play of consciousness” is to assist us in consciously interacting with our body thereby allowing us to rethink and recreate a newer and healthier body.


RiMaLi Inc. is creating therapeutic and educational programs that will focus on understanding our cells at the subatomic level. The programs will be designed to take us out of the old patterns of thoughts by creating new patterns based on playing with our consciousness. As we begin creating new patterns of thoughts we are indirectly changing our consciousness thereby giving us a different body and a conscious perspective of our internal forces.

Impress Upon The Universe

It Is Done Unto You As You Believe!!!!

Believe the impossible and see the MAGIC!