Welcome to RiMaLi Inc.

This corporation is here to assist you with creating a GREATER YOU!!!


The corporation consists of the following:

  1. RCI – RiMaLi Creative Images: Designed to assist you with consultation and financial support (if needed) for starting a business that will have a Global Impact.

  2. S.O.F.T. – School of First Thought: Designed to assist with your personal growth so that you are able to create on a Global Level.

  3. T.G.C.L. – The Game Called Life Programs: Designed for you to understand and grow in your relationship with yourself and the Universe. This is one way to empowering yourself to create a better life.

  4. POC – Play of Consciousness: Designed for you to play with your mind, your consciousness so that you are able to interact on a Global Level.


You Are The Key!!!