RiMaLi Inc. is very excited about what is going on within the corporation. Would you like to know what we are inventing? We are creating this for you…why else would we be doing such a thing? We are here to give you the tools that you need to tap into your inherent power.

The most profound invention that will be coming to life in a moment to come has to do with “Play of Consciousness.” Play of Consciousness (POC) will consist of electronic and virtual programs that will have you playing with your consciousness.  Yes, to understand how to use your power, you must be prepared to play with your consciousness.

Another invention has to do with School of First Thought (SOFT), an online virtual school. SOFT online virtual school will be the most amazing experience of your life! Why? Because what you create within SOFT will have to be seen in the physical world. This is the magic of playing with your consciousness… Imagine that… again, imagine that…you are creating in the virtual school exactly the way you desire your life to be in the physical world…imagine that it is manifested just the way you created it…WHAT MAGIC!

This is simply your power at work, because you deliberately played with your consciousness to create the life that you desire. SOFT online virtual school will consist of three centers (levels). The first center is “Personal Growth and Development,” you must seek the knowledge of your power in order to use this power at this level. The second center is “Awakening” at this level you are beginning to awaken to the knowledge that you are really the power to all your creations. The third center is “Magic” that’s right, the magic of practicing and practicing based on the virtual programs that will be at your disposal, you will begin seeing things that you are creating in the Magic center, in the physical world of concepts. What a splendid idea!

Here is what you need to understand “You Must First Have the Knowledge of Your Power, Second the Courage to Dare, and Third the Faith to Do,” Charles F. Haanel, The Master Key System. SOFT has been designed for you to seek the knowledge of your power, the courage to dare to awaken to your power, and the faith to use it.  This is our intention, simply to make you aware of a GREATER YOU!

Dr. Linda Richardson