About Us


Thank you for visiting us… We do hope you stay a moment and participate in some of our virtual programs that have been created especially for you. That’s right, these programs were created with you in mind…only you.

Let me tell you about RiMaLi Inc., it was established 2009 for the purpose of bringing a greater awareness of the power that resides within you. Yes, within you, there is an unstoppable force that is creating your world at every turn in life’s road. RiMaLi Inc. is equipped with the tools that you will need to uncover this inner power that can only be found within you. Yes, this power is found within you, not on the outside of you, but within you. You need to be conscious of this first in order to understand and access this power.

RiMaLi Inc. has in particular, two of four subsidiaries to assist you in awakening your consciousness to discovering this inherent power. School of First Thought (SOFT) is an online virtual school that will take you on an unforgettable journey of discovering the REAL you. Play of Consciousness (POC) has to do with using educational and therapeutic virtual games in discovering, how to understand and use this inherent power. Please be patient for everything is still being developed. However, you can go to www.schooloffirstthought.com and www.thegamecalledlife.com to access information to begin understanding WHO YOU ARE in this game called life.




  • Dr. Linda Richardson, President and CEO
    Dr. Linda Richardson, President and CEO of RiMaLi Inc., her vision is to create programs that will ultimately assist in creating a greater you and a better world. Linda has...